Chaplin and oona manoir de ban garden midsquare

Chaplin portraits / Chaplin_and_Oona_...    

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Charles and oona chaplin midsquare

Chaplin portraits / Charles_and_Oona_...    

charles and oona chaplin

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Chaplin and family at cinema switzerland midsquare

Chaplin portraits / Chaplin_and_famil...  

Chaplin And Family At Cinema Rex, Vevey, Switzerland

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X0058 midsquare

Well Known People / x0058.jpg    

Charles Chaplin and Clara Haskil

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Cc 0277 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / cc_0277.jpg  

cc 0277

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Chaplin family manoir de ban midsquare

Chaplin portraits / chaplin_family_ma...  

chaplin family manoir de ban

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Misc 0229 midsquare

Misc / misc_0229.jpg  

Oona Chaplin with a Steve Eliot hat

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Trav 0151 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0151.jpg  

Expect child next August / Wirephoto

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Trav 0145 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0145.jpg  

Charles and Oona Chaplin at dinner

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Trav 0367 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0367.jpg  

Charles and Oona Chaplin at the Comédie-Française during their trip to Paris in October-November ...

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Family chaplin cinema vevey suisse midsquare

Chaplin portraits / family_chaplin_ci...  

Family Chaplin Cinema Vevey Suisse

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Cc 0281 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / cc_0281.jpg  

Cc 0281

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Trav 0071 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0071.jpg  

The Chaplin family / Agip, Robert Cohen


Trav 0147 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0147.jpg  

Attending Hollywood premiere : Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chaplin as they arrived fir the World premier...

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Trav 0081 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0081.jpg  

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chaplin / International WS photos

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Trav 0070 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0070.jpg  

RMS. Queen Elizabeth / Photographed on board with Harry Crocker, Adolph Green

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Trav 0136 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0136.jpg  

Charles and Oona Chaplin at the end of the ceremony in which Charles Chaplin was knighted by Quee...

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Famille chaplin carte de noel midsquare

Chaplin portraits / famille_chaplin_c...  

Famille Chaplin carte debraine

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X0165 midsquare

Well Known People / x0165.jpg  

Charles Chaplin making a toast with Oona O'Neill and Noël Coward


Trav 0156 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0156.jpg    

Charles and Oona Chaplin sitting at theatre

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Trav 0082 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0082.jpg  

Charles and Oona Chaplin walking near East Lane

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Trav 0403 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0403.jpg  

Oona Chaplin looking at the French Legion of Honour medal pinned on Charles Chaplin's lapel / Int...


Osc 0019 midsquare

Oscars / osc_0019.jpg  

osc 0019

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Osc 0021 midsquare

Oscars / osc_0021.jpg  

osc 0021

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Mt 0217 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_0217.jpg  

Charlie and Oona Chaplin greeting the Duchess

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Mt 0215 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_0215.jpg  

Charlie, Josephine and Oona Chaplin with Nicky Sistovaris

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Mt 0214 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_0214.jpg  

Charlie and Oona Chaplin

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Lime 0003 midsquare

Limelight / lime_0003.jpg  

Charles Chaplin and Oona O'Neill on the set / Florence Homolka

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Cc 0033 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / cc_0033.jpg  

Charles and Oona Chaplin / Field Enterprises Inc. ; Wirephoto

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Cc 0279 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / cc_0279.jpg  

cc 0279

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