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I. Setting up an account

How do I set up an account ?

II. Ordering Pictures

How do I get a licence for (or receive, if already agreed by Chaplin office) photographs?

(This is for orders for high resolution files for professionals, or for special requests. If you wish to buy a print, a poster or a greeting card for personal use, please see next question below.)

How do I order a print, a poster or a greeting card for personal use?

Buying photos for personal use from our image bank is possible. If you wish to do that, click on the "Buy a Print" or “Buy Card” buttons underneath the photograph when browsing through the image bank. A new Fotomoto window will automatically open where you can choose the type of print you would like. Several products are available and you can choose your own format, frame options, etc. When ready to complete your order, click on the orange “add to cart" button within the Fotomoto window, then check out. Prints will not have the Charlie Chaplin watermark, of course. Please note that not every photograph on our image bank is available for personal prints.

What is a Pending Order ?

A pending order means you have selected images and described the license you wish, but not have submitted it to our office. You can modify or submit a pending order.

## III. Galleries

What are Galleries for?

The Galleries feature, as the name suggests, gives you the ability to create a collection of photos that you can optionally sort and comment as a kind of personal exhibition. They can be private (they only appear in your account) or you can decide to share them with the public. Galleries therefore have two major purposes:

Are Galleries moderated?

For now, you\'re free to publish any gallery you create. We may revise our policy in the future.

How do I create a Gallery?

You create a gallery the same way you pass an order: by selecting images into your shopping cart.

How do I update, comment & sort a Gallery?

Once you create your gallery you can still add or remove pictures by checking or unchecking the images which appear on the edit page under the form. If you want to add even more images, go back to the Pictures page and add more of them to your cart. Then come back to the gallery you created. You\'ll find it on your account page under the gallery tab (Account > My Account > galleries). Then click on “edit” and you\'ll find them under the form, ready to be checked.

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