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Help / FAQ

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I. Setting up an account

How do I set up an account ?

II. Ordering Pictures

How do I buy (or get my free) pictures ?

What is a Pending Order ?

A pending order means you have chosen pictures and described the license you wish, but not have submitted it to our office.

III. Galleries

What are Galleries for ?

Galleries, as its name suggests, gives you the ability to create a collection of photos you can optionaly sort and comment as a kind of personal exhibition. They can be private (they only appear in your account) or you can decide to share them with the public. Galleries have therefore 2 major usage :

Are Galleries moderated ?

For now you're free to publish any gallery you created. However if we happen to note any abuse of this feature we may revise our policy.

How do I create a Gallery ?

You create a gallery the same way you pass an order : by filling it with the cart.

How do I update, comment & sort a Gallery ?

Once you created your gallery you can still add or remove pictures by checking or unchecking those which appear on the edit page under the form. If you want to add even more go back on the Pictures page and add more of them in you cart. Then come back to the gallery you created (you'l find it on you account page under the gallery tab click edit and you'll find them under the form ready to be checked...