200px paulette goddard publicity shot  date unknown iii square

paulette goddard (actress)

Paulette Goddard (June 3, 1910 – April 23, 1990) was an American actress. A child fashion model and a performer in several Broadway productions as a Ziegfeld Girl, she became a major star of the Pa...

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Syd 0180 medium square

sydney chaplin (actor)

Born Sidney John Hill(1885-03-16)16 March 1885 London, England, UK. Died 16 April 1965(1965-04-16) (aged 80) Nice, FranceOccupation. ActorYears active 1905–1929. Spouse(s) Minnie (d.1936) Henriette...

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200px edna purviance the blue book of the screen square

edna purviance (actress)

Edna Purviance (October 21, 1895 - January 11, 1958) was an American actress during the silent movie era. She was the leading lady in many of Charlie Chaplin's early films and in a span of eight ye...

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Cir 0059 medium square

merna kennedy (actress)

Merna Kennedy (born Maude Kahler; September 7, 1908 – December 20, 1944) was an American actress of the late silent era and the transitional period into talkies.

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200px claire bloom at the str theatre book prize ceremony on 18 may 2011 at the drury lane theatre 2c london square

claire bloom (actress)

Claire Bloom (born Patricia Claire Blume; 15 February 1931) is an English film and stage actress.

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Cl 0034 medium square

virginia cherrill (actress)

Virginia Cherrill (April 12, 1908 – November 14, 1996) was an American actress known for her role as the blind flower girl in Charlie Chaplin's City Lights (1931).

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Gr 958x square

mack swain (actor)

Mack Swain (February 16, 1876 - August 25, 1935) was an American actor and vaudevillian, prolific throughout the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s.

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200px oona and charlie chaplin 1944 square

oona o'neill

Oona, Lady Chaplin (May 14, 1925 – September 27, 1991) was the daughter of Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Eugene O'Neill and writer Agnes Boulton, and the fourth and last wife of Briti...

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200px jackie coogan as uncle fester  the addams family  1966  square

jackie coogan (actor)

John Leslie Coogan (October 26, 1914 – March 1, 1984), known professionally as Jackie Coogan, was an American actor who began his movie career as a child actor in silent films. Many years later, he...

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Act 0047 medium square

georgia hale (actress)

Georgia Hale (June 24, 1905 – June 7, 1985) was an actress of the silent movie era.

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Cir 0424 medium square

henry bergman (actor)

Henry Bergman (February 23, 1868 – October 22, 1946) was an American actor of stage and film, known for his long association with Charlie Chaplin. Born in San Francisco, California, he acted in liv...

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Mutual 78 1 medium square

eric campbell (actor)

Alfred Eric Campbell (26 April 1879, Cheshire – 20 December 1917, Hollywood), known as Eric Campbell, was an English actor who for many years was wrongly believed to be Scottish. He was a key membe...

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200px alan young dawn addams 1953 square

dawn addams (actress)

Dawn Addams (21 September 1930 – 7 May 1985) was an English actress, particularly in Hollywood motion pictures of the 1950s and on British television in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Mutual 0084 square

albert austin (actor)

Albert Austin (13 December 1881 or 1885 – 17 August 1953) was an actor, film star, director and script writer, noted mainly for his work in Charlie Chaplin films. He was the brother of actor Willia...

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200px harry myers 001 square

harry myers (actor)

Harry C. Myers (5 September 1882 – 25 December 1938), sometimes credited as Henry Myers, was an American film actor and director. He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, and died in Hollywood, Calif...

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200px douglas fairbanks sr.   private life of don juan square

douglas fairbanks (actor)

Douglas Fairbanks (May 23, 1883 – December 12, 1939) was an American actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He was best known for his swashbuckling roles in silent films such as The Thief of B...

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Monsieur verdoux 235 medium square

martha raye (actress)

Martha Raye (August 27, 1916 – October 19, 1994) was an American comic actress and standards singer who performed in movies, and later on television. She was honored in 1969 with an Academy Award a...

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Cir 0435 medium square

al ernest garcia (actor)

Al Ernest Garcia or also Allan Garcia (11 March 1887 - 4 September 1938) was an American actor and casting director, best known for his long association with Charlie Chaplin.

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Limelight 798 medium square

sydney jr chaplin (actor)

Sydney Earle Chaplin (March 31, 1926 – March 3, 2009) was a film and theatre actor.

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011 58 big square

loyal underwood

Born in 1893 in Rockford, Illinois, Underwood's movie debut was in The Count, a 1916 Chaplin short film created for the Mutual Film Corporation. Underwood is uncredited as he was for the four other...

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200px busterkeaton edit square

buster keaton (director)

Joseph Frank "Buster" Keaton (October 4, 1895 – February 1, 1966) was an American comic actor, filmmaker, producer and writer. He was best known for his silent films, in which his trademark was phy...

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200px lita grey square

lita grey (actress)

Lita Grey (April 15, 1908 – December 29, 1995) was an American actress and the second wife of Charlie Chaplin. She was born in Hollywood, California, in 1908, to a Mexican-born mother and a father ...

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Trav 0015 square

josephine chaplin (actress)

Josephine (Josie) Hannah Chaplin (born March 28, 1949 in Santa Monica, California) is an actress and the daughter of filmmaker Charlie Chaplin and his last wife, Oona O'Neill. She has been in a num...

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Kid 0008 medium square

charles reisner (actor)

Charles "Chuck" Reisner (14 March 1887 – 24 September 1962) was an American film director and actor of the 1920s and 1930s. He directed over 60 films between 1920 and 1950 and acted in over 20 film...

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Cir 0425 medium square

roland totheroh (cameraman)

Roland Totheroh (1890–1967) was an American cinematographer most notable for being the regular cameraman on the films of Charlie Chaplin. Born in San Francisco, he worked with Chaplin from 1915 unt...

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Chester conklin pipe square

chester conklin

Chester Cooper Conklin (January 11, 1886 – October 11, 1971) was an American comedic actor who appeared in over 280 films, about half of them in the silent film era.

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Cc 160 hanna chaplin  charlie s mother medium square

hannah chaplin (actress)

Hannah Chaplin (August 11, 1865 – August 28, 1928) was a stage and musical actress and the founding matriarch of the Chaplin family of actors as the mother of Sir Charlie Chaplin.

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200px reginald gardiner in sweethearts trailer square

reginald gardiner (actor)

Reginald Gardiner (27 February 1903 – 7 July 1980) was an English-born actor in film and television and a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Great Britain. His parents wanted him to ...

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Af1 144 medium square

michael chaplin (actor)

Michael John Chaplin (born 7 March 1946) is an American actor born in Santa Monica, California. He is the second child and eldest son from Charlie Chaplin's fourth and final marriage to Oona O'Neil...

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Cir 0429 medium square

betty morrissey (actress)

Betty Morrissey (1908 – 20 April 1944), was an American film actress. She appeared in 12 films between 1923 and 1931. She was born and died in New York. She plays the feminine lead in The Leather P...

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Gd p 207 medium square

henry daniell (actor)

Henry Daniell (5 March 1894 – 31 October 1963) was an English actor, best known for his villainous film roles, but who had a long and prestigious career on stage as well as in films. Daniell was gi...

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Freak 23 medium square

victoria chaplin (actress)

Victoria Chaplin is a circus performer. She is the daughter of comedian Charlie Chaplin and his fourth wife, Oona O'Neill, and the granddaughter of playwright Eugene O'Neill. Chaplin was born in th...

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Hank mann   city lights 1931  2801 29 wmplayer 2013 07 12 square

hank mann (actor)

Hank Mann (born David William Lieberman, May 28, 1888 – November 25, 1971) was a comedian and silent screen star who was the last surviving member of the Keystone Cops. According to fellow actor an...

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Cir 0436 medium square

alfred reeves (manager)

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200px jack oakie tina louise the new breed 1961 square

jack oakie (actor)

Jack Oakie (November 12, 1903 – January 23, 1978) was an American actor, starring mostly in films, but also working on stage, radio and television.

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Tom wilson as the cop in the kid  1921  square

tom wilson

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200px carl miller  the kid  1921  square

carl miller (actor)

Carl Miller (August 9, 1893 – January 22, 1979), was an American film actor. He appeared in 44 films between 1917 and 1942 and remains perhaps best known for his roles in two Charlie Chaplin films:...

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Gd p 210 big square

grace hayle (actress)

Grace Hayle (July 24, 1888 – March 20, 1963) was an American actress.

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Cir 0423 medium square

harry crocker (actor)

Harry Crocker (July 2, 1893 – May 23, 1958) was an American actor of the 1920s. He appeared in Charlie Chaplin's The Circus in 1928. He was a Los Angeles Examiner newsman.

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City lights 141 medium square

victor alexander (actor)

Victor Joe Alexander (born August 31, 1969) is a retired American professional basketball player who was selected by the Golden State Warriors in the first round (17th pick overall) of the 1991 NBA...

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