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Charles Chaplin and Abbé Pierre


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Charles Chaplin and Rachel Ford on the snow


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Charles Chaplin and Rachel Ford / Maurice A. Aubry

©Maurice A. Aubry

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Charles Chaplin and Rachel Ford / Maurice A. Aubry

©Maurice A. Aubry

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Charles and Oona Chaplin, Rachel Ford and Moses Rothman at the theatre surrounded by policemen an...

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

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Carla Fracci, Vladimir Vasiliev, Massimo Bogianckino and Gianmatteo Matteotti meet Charles Chapli...

©Aldo Cavaliere

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osc 0003

©Candice Bergen

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osc 0008

©Candice Bergen

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osc 0010

©Candice Bergen

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osc 0012

©Candice Bergen

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osc 0018

©Candice Bergen

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osc 0009

©Candice Bergen

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Charles Chaplin during the performance of "Mandolin Serenade"

©émile savitry