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Chaplin portraits / CC_222.jpg  

Charlie's shoes, cane and hat

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Monsieur Verdoux / mv_p_261.jpg  

Charles Chaplin as Monsieur Verdoux

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Great Dictator / gd_0061.jpg  

Jewish Barber's cane and bowler hat on the ghetto street set

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A Day's Pleasure / 001_94.jpg  

Charles Chaplin with white hat, Edna Purviance and the kids in a car. Man standing by car.

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A Day's Pleasure / 002_95.jpg  

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Circus / cir_0422.jpg  

world's most famous hat, publicity photo for The Circus

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Misc / 044_X416.jpg  

Charlie Chaplin measuring a woman's foot on a shoe store set with many shoeboxes

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