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"City Lights" at the party given by Mr. Chaplin at the Carlton Hotel after his first night. Mr. C...


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Charlie Chaplin arrives. Charlie Chaplin the famous comedian arrives at Waterloo on the Qeen Eliz...

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Charles Chaplin at a gala event / Keystone Press Agency Ltd ; Photograph by George Konig

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Charles Chaplin has a drink served by a young waiter in a London hotel / London News Agency photo...

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Charles Chaplin and Ramsay McDonald taking a walk in London / London News Agency photos LTD ; Wid...

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Surging crowds cheered Chaplin as he arrived at the Ritz Hotel on his first return to Britain in ...

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Children from Hoxton were entertained by Chaplin at the Ritz in 1921. Ten years later, back in Br...

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