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phyllis allen

Phyllis Allen (November 25, 1861 – March 26, 1938) was an American vaudeville and silent screen comedian who worked with Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, and Mack Sennett du...

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200px einstein 1921 by f schmutzer square

albert einstein (scientist)

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. While best known for his mass–energy equivalence fo...

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Awop 48 medium square

malvina polo (actress)

Malvina Polo (26 July 1903 – 6 January 2000), was an American film actress. She appeared in 5 films between 1922 and 1924. She was the daughter of actor Eddie Polo. She died in San Juan Capistrano,...

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Media square

jean-baptiste thierrée

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200px pablocasals square

pablo casals (musician)

Pau Casals i Defilló (December 29, 1876 – October 22, 1973), known during his professional career as Pablo Casals, was a Catalan cellist and conductor. He is generally regarded as the pre-eminent c...

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Sunnyside  1919    4 square

Tom Terriss

Tom Terriss (28 September 1872–8 February 1964) was a British actor, screenwriter and film director. He was the brother of Ellaline Terriss and son of William Terriss.

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X136 medium square

samuel goldwyn (producer)

Samuel Goldwyn (born Szmuel Gelbfisz (Yiddish: שמואל גלבפֿיש); August 17, 1879 – January 31, 1974), also known as Samuel Goldfish, was a Jewish Polish American film producer. He was most well known...

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Misc 0060 square square

john jasper (Set designer )

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016 47 square square

edward biby

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200px raquel meller en carmen square

raquel meller

Raquel Meller (9 March 1888 – 26 July 1962), born Francisca Marqués López, was an Aragonese diseuse, as well as a cuplé and tonadilla singer. She was an international star in the 1920s and 1930s, a...

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300px betty nuthall 1932 square

betty nuthall

Betty May Nuthall Shoemaker (23 May 1911 – 8 November 1983) was an English tennis player. Known for her powerful forehand, according to Wallis Myers of The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, Shoem...

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X0021 medium square

kid mccoy (boxer)

Charles "Kid" McCoy (October 13, 1872 – April 18, 1940), born Norman Selby, was an American world champion boxer.

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200px leopoldgodowsky55 square

leopold godowsky (musician)

Leopold Godowsky (13 February 1870 – 21 November 1938) was a Polish American pianist, composer, and teacher. One of the most highly regarded performers of his time, he became known for his theories...

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Cc adl z0006 neg square square

grace kingsley (journalist)

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200px jacques thibaud 01 square

jacques thibaud (musician)

Jacques Thibaud (27 September 1880 – 1 September 1953) was a French violinist.

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Charles spencer chaplin 2c jr square

charles chaplin jr. (actor)

Charles Spencer Chaplin, III. (May 5, 1925 – March 20, 1968) was an American actor.

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X51 medium square

harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast (director)

Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast (May 6, 1897 – March 17, 1968) was an Argentinean born, French screenwriter and director. He was nominated at the 4th Academy Awards for the now defunct category of Best St...

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X281 big square

polly thomson

Helen Keller's Companion & Assistant

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X0289 big square

yaeko mizutani (actress)

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200px edgar neville square

edgar neville (director)

Edgar Neville Romrée, Count of Berlanga de Duero (28 December 1899, Madrid – 23 April 1967) was a Spanish playwright and film director, a member of the Generation of '27. Neville lived in Hollywood...

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200px elsie janis 4 square

elsie janis (author)

Elsie Janis (March 16, 1889 – February 26, 1956) was an American singer, songwriter, actress, and screenwriter. Entertaining the troops during World War I immortalized her as "the sweetheart of the...

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300px emanuel haldeman julius  28ca. 1924 29 square

Emanuel Haldeman-Julius (writer)

Emanuel Haldeman-Julius (né Emanuel Julius) (July 30, 1889 – July 31, 1951) was a Jewish-American socialist writer, atheist thinker, social reformer and publisher. He is best remembered as the head...

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Pilgrim 43 square square

kitty bradbury

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Al jolson   publicity square

al jolson (entertainer)

Al Jolson (born Asa Yoelson; May 26, 1886 – October 23, 1950) was an American singer, film actor, and comedian. At the peak of his career, he was dubbed "The World's Greatest Entertainer". His perf...

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Annesullivanmacy square

anne sullivan

Johanna Mansfield Sullivan Macy (April 14, 1866 – October 20, 1936), better known as Anne Sullivan, was an American teacher, best known for being the instructor and lifelong companion of Helen Kell...

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440px max eastman square

Max Eastman (writer)

Max Forrester Eastman (January 4, 1883 – March 25, 1969) was an American writer on literature, philosophy and society, a poet and a prominent political activist. Moving to New York City for graduat...

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Dorothy shepherd barron 1926 square

dorothy shepherd-barron (tennisman)

Dorothy Shepherd-Barron (née Cunliffe; 24 November 1897 – 20 February 1953) was a female tennis player from Great Britain who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics.

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X0112 medium square

morris greenhill

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Mutual 0076 square

henry p. caulfield (manager)

manager Lone Star Studios

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X0286 midsquare square

charlotte cameron (traveller and author)

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X147 square square

john george churchill

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300px turpin ben 05 square

ben turpin

Bernard "Ben" Turpin (September 19, 1869 – July 1, 1940) was an American comedian and actor, best remembered for his work in silent films.

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Cc x165s neg big square

william morris (theatrical agent)

American theatrical agent

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300px babe london c1921 square

babe london (actress)

Babe London (August 28, 1901 – November 29, 1980) was an American actress and comedian, most remembered for her onetime-only partnership with Oliver Hardy, in the 1931's Laurel and Hardy's two-reel...

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200px max reinhardt square

max reinhardt (actor)

Max Reinhardt (September 9, 1873 – October 30, 1943) was an Austrian-born American stage and film actor and director.

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X0107 medium square

amy reeves

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X121 medium square

frank grandetta (boxer)

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Trav 0413 medium square

gypsy chaplin

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200px mabelnormandportrait square

mabel normand (actress)

Mabel Normand (November 9, 1892 – February 23, 1930) was an American silent film comedienne and actress. She was a popular star of Mack Sennett's Keystone Studios{{#invoke:Footnotes|sfn}} and is no...

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X211 big square

gus arnheim (musician)

Gus Arnheim (September 4, 1897 – January 19, 1955) was an American pianist and an early popular band leader. He is noted for writing several songs with his first hit being "I Cried for You" from 19...

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