Trav 0301 square

kono toraichi

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Music pub 215 square square

alfred newman (composer)

Alfred Newman (March 17, 1901 – February 17, 1970) was an American composer, arranger, and conductor of film music.In a career spanning more than four decades, Newman composed the scores for over 2...

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200px william frawley 1951 square

william frawley (actor)

William Clement Frawley (February 26, 1887 – March 3, 1966) was an American stage entertainer, screen and television actor. Although Frawley acted in over 100 films, he is best known for playing la...

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X0037 medium square

max linder (director)

Gabriel-Maximilien Leuvielle (16 December 1883 – 31 October 1925), better known by the stage name Max Linder, was a French actor, director, screenwriter, producer and comedian of the silent film er...

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200px sir philip sassoon square

phillip sassoon (politician)

Sir Philip Albert Gustave David Sassoon, 3rd Baronet, PC, GBE, CMG (4 December 1888 – 3 June 1939), was a British politician, art collector and social host, entertaining many celebrity guests at hi...

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Karno 0065 square

stan laurel (actor)

Stan Laurel (born Arthur Stanley Jefferson; 16 June 1890 – 23 February 1965) was an English comic actor, writer, and film director, most famous for his role in the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy. He a...

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200px hellen keller circa 1920 square

helen keller (author)

Helen Adams Keller (June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968) was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. The story of how Ke...

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X214 medium square

kid lewis (boxer)

Ted "Kid" Lewis (born Gershon Mendeloff; 28 October 1893 – 1970) was an English professional boxer who won the World Welterweight Championship.

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300px ian hay beith square

john hay beith (novelist)

Major General John Hay Beith, CBE (17 April 1876 – 22 September 1952), was a British schoolmaster and soldier, but he is best remembered as a novelist, playwright, essayist and historian who wrote ...

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Snowy baker pose square

snowy baker

Reginald Leslie "Snowy" Baker (8 February 1884 – 2 December 1953) was an Australian athlete, sports promoter, and actor. Born in Surry Hills, an inner-city suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Baker ...

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X54 medium square

wee georgie wood (actor)

George Wood OBE (17 December 1894 in Jarrow, County Durham – 19 February 1979), known professionally as Wee Georgie Wood, was a British actor and comedian who appeared in films,[1] plays and music ...

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200px groucho marx   portrait square

groucho marx (actor)

Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx (October 2, 1890 – August 19, 1977) was an American comedian and film and television star. He is known as a master of quick wit and widely considered one of the best com...

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Chaplin family reading my autobiography copyright yves debraine square

eugene chaplin

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300px inaclaire square

ina claire

Ina Claire (October 15, 1893 – February 21, 1985) was an American stage and film actress.

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Cir 0428 medium square

george davis (actor)

George Davis (7 November 1889 – 19 April 1965) was a Dutch-born American actor. He appeared more than 260 films between 1916 and 1963. He was born in Amsterdam, and died in Los Angeles, California ...

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200px mildredprivatecolletion2 square

mildred harris (actress)

Mildred Harris (November 29, 1901 – July 20, 1944) was an American film actress. Harris began her career in the film industry as a popular child actress at age 11. At the age of 15, she was cast as...

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Dempsey 2cjack  281927 29a square

jack dempsey (boxer)

William Harrison "Jack" Dempsey ("The Manassa Mauler") (June 24, 1895 – May 31, 1983) was an American professional boxer. He was a cultural icon of the 1920s. He held the World Heavyweight Champion...

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X92 medium square

benny leonard (boxer)

Benny Leonard (born Benjamin Leiner; Hebrew name דוב בער בן אברהם גרשון [Dov Ber ben Avraham Gershon]; April 7, 1896 – April 18, 1947) was an American professional lightweight boxer. Widely conside...

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200px meredith willson 1937edited square

meredith willson (musician)

Robert Meredith Willson (May 18, 1902 – June 15, 1984) was an American composer, songwriter, conductor and playwright, best known for writing the book, music and lyrics for the hit Broadway musical...

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300px samuel reshevsky 1968 square

samuel reshevsky

Samuel "Sammy" Herman Reshevsky (born Szmul Rzeszewski; November 26, 1911 – April 4, 1992) was a Polish chess prodigy and later a leading American chess grandmaster. He was never a full-time chess ...

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200px einstein 1921 by f schmutzer square

albert einstein (scientist)

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. While best known for his mass–energy equivalence fo...

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X89 medium square

al baffert (boxer)

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X83 midsquare square

ramón columba (caricaturist)

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200px jackchurchill square

jack churchill

Lieutenant Colonel John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming "Jack" Churchill, DSO & Bar, MC & Bar (16 September 1906 – 8 March 1996), nicknamed Fighting Jack Churchill and Mad Jack, was a British soldier who fo...

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Jesse lasky 1915 square

jesse l. lasky (producer)

Jesse Louis Lasky (September 13, 1880 – January 13, 1958) was an American pioneer motion picture producer. He was a key founder of Paramount Pictures with Adolph Zukor, and father of screenwriter J...

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300px getting acquainted square

phyllis allen

Phyllis Allen (November 25, 1861 – March 26, 1938) was an American vaudeville and silent screen comedian who worked with Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, and Mack Sennett du...

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200px cecil beaton photographs  political and military personalities  churchill  randolph frederick edward spencer cbm1585 square

randolph churchill

Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer-Churchill, MBE (28 May 1911 – 6 June 1968) was the son of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine. He was a Conservative Member of Parliam...

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X269 medium square

waldorf astor

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200px mabelnormandportrait square

mabel normand (actress)

Mabel Normand (November 9, 1892 – February 23, 1930) was an American silent film comedienne and actress. She was a popular star of Mack Sennett's Keystone Studios{{#invoke:Footnotes|sfn}} and is no...

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200px pablocasals square

pablo casals (musician)

Pau Casals i Defilló (December 29, 1876 – October 22, 1973), known during his professional career as Pablo Casals, was a Catalan cellist and conductor. He is generally regarded as the pre-eminent c...

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Sunnyside  1919    4 square

Tom Terriss

Tom Terriss (28 September 1872–8 February 1964) was a British actor, screenwriter and film director. He was the brother of Ellaline Terriss and son of William Terriss.

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Awop 48 medium square

malvina polo (actress)

Malvina Polo (26 July 1903 – 6 January 2000), was an American film actress. She appeared in 5 films between 1922 and 1924. She was the daughter of actor Eddie Polo. She died in San Juan Capistrano,...

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X136 medium square

samuel goldwyn (producer)

Samuel Goldwyn (born Szmuel Gelbfisz (Yiddish: שמואל גלבפֿיש); August 17, 1879 – January 31, 1974), also known as Samuel Goldfish, was a Jewish Polish American film producer. He was most well known...

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Misc 0060 square square

john jasper (Set designer )

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Chaplin family stairs square

charly sistovaris

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Cc adl z0006 neg square square

grace kingsley (journalist)

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200px raquel meller en carmen square

raquel meller

Raquel Meller (9 March 1888 – 26 July 1962), born Francisca Marqués López, was an Aragonese diseuse, as well as a cuplé and tonadilla singer. She was an international star in the 1920s and 1930s, a...

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016 47 square square

edward biby

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200px granville redmond malibu coast spring square

granville redmond

Granville Redmond (March 9, 1871 – May 24, 1935) was an American landscape painter and exponent of Tonalism and California Impressionism.

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300px betty nuthall 1932 square

betty nuthall

Betty May Nuthall Shoemaker (23 May 1911 – 8 November 1983) was an English tennis player. Known for her powerful forehand, according to Wallis Myers of The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, Shoem...

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