Chaplin portraits / ROY138.jpg  

Charles Chaplin with three of his children: Michael, Josephine and Eugene

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Chaplin portraits / cc_0277.jpg  

cc 0277

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Chaplin portraits / Chaplin_Family_Ma...  

Left to right: Charles, Oona, Josephine, Victoria, Eugene, Jane, Annette & Christopher Chaplin

©André Favez

Chaplin portraits / cc_in_south_of_fr...  

Chaplin and family in the south of France with Paul-Louis Weiller

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Chaplin portraits / Chaplin_family.jpg  

Family portrait, 1963. Left to right: Annie, Jane, Eugene, Victoria, Josephine, Christopher, Oona...

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Chaplin portraits / family_chaplin_ci...  

Family Chaplin Cinema Vevey Suisse

©Yves Debraine

Chaplin portraits / ROY07.jpg  

The Chaplin family, circa 1975, Manoir de Ban, Switzerland. Back row: Jane, Eugene, Josephine, Ch...

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Chaplin portraits / famille_chaplin_c...  

Famille Chaplin carte debraine

©Yves Debraine

Chaplin portraits / josephine_chaplin...  

josephine chaplin charly sistovaris nicky sistovaris


Chaplin portraits / cc_0254.jpg  

Louis Mou... and G and me

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Chaplin portraits / cc_0259.jpg  

Charles Chaplin in Niece / photo Pierre Meunier

©Pierre Meunier

Chaplin portraits / cc_0279.jpg  

cc 0279

©Florence Homolka

Chaplin portraits / cc_0253.jpg  

Syd and Judy Holliday and me


Chaplin portraits / cc_0260.jpg  

Josephine Chaplin, Higashijima Tomie (widow of Toraichi Kono, Chaplin's former valet & secretary)...

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Chaplin portraits / cc_0275.jpg  

Charles Chaplin kissing his daughter Josephine / United Press International Photo

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Chaplin portraits / cc_0256.jpg  

Josephine Chaplin in a plat pot in the garden


Chaplin portraits / ROY04.jpg  

Chaplin family Christmas card


Chaplin portraits / ROY05.jpg  

Chaplin family portrait on their 1972 Christmas card by Yves Debraine. Back row left to right: Jo...

©Yves Debraine

Chaplin portraits / ROY06.jpeg  

Christmas card

©André Favez

Chaplin portraits / ROY75.jpeg  

Gathering of the clan for Christmas 1963 at the Manoir de Ban. Left to right: Annette, Jane, Euge...

©André Favez

Chaplin portraits / ROY78.jpeg  

Family portrait used on 1959 Christmas card

©Yves Debraine