Modern times 21 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_21.jpg  

Charlie and factory workers at production line / Max Munn Autrey

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Modern times 12 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_12.jpg  

Chaplin by machinery

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Modern times p 146 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_p_14...  

Mechanic caught in the machinery

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Cl 191 midsquare

City Lights / cl_191.jpg  

River embankment : the Tramp asleep on steps

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Dog s life 20 new print midsquare

Dog's Life / Dog_s_Life_20_New...  

dog s life 20 new print

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Chaplin playing violin and harp midsquare

Music / chaplin_playing_v...  

Chaplin Playing Violin

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Mt p 121 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_p_121.jpg  

Charlie and Gamin, various location / Max Munn Autrey

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Gold rush inside hut  midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_inside_...  

Interior Cabin : Charlie, Big Jim and Black Larsen

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Cc 103 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / CC_103.jpg  

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Charlie chaplin before his success midsquare

Chaplin portraits / Charlie_Chaplin_b...  

Charles Chaplin

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Circus 112 midsquare

Circus / Circus_112.jpg  

The Girl and Charlie sitting on box, waiting for Charlie to do the tight-rope act

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Circus hot dog scene a midsquare

Circus / Circus_Hot_Dog_sc...  

Charlie eating baby's hot dog

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The kid 7 midsquare

The Kid / The_Kid_7.jpg  

the kid 7

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Charles and oona chaplin midsquare

Chaplin portraits / Charles_and_Oona_...  

charles and oona chaplin

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City lights 116 midsquare

City Lights / City_Lights_116.jpg  

River embankment : the Tramp and the Millionaire

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Gold rush 75 midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_75.jpg  

Charles Chaplin dressed as the lone prospector with black make-up marks on his face

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Cc cc z0105 hartsook midsquare

Chaplin portraits / CC_cc_Z0105_harts...  

Tramp portrait by Hartsook

©Hartsook Photo*

Adl pub 2 midsquare

Dog's Life / adl_pub_2.jpg  

Charles Chaplin and Mut the dog

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

The vagabond 1916 mutual midsquare

Mutual photos / The_Vagabond_1916...  

The Tramp plays for the girl kidnapped by gypsies

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Mt p 26 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_p_26.jpg  

Charlie with wrenches ; Charlie with wrenches and stenographer / Max Munn Autrey

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Kid 16 midsquare

The Kid / kid_16.jpg  

Charlie and Jackie in the street

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Cc 100 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / CC_100.jpg  

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Cc 108 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / CC_108.jpg  

©From the archives of Roy Export Co. Ltd.

Chaplin portrait b midsquare

Chaplin portraits / Chaplin_portrait_...  

Charles Chaplin / Witzel


Cc 54 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / cc_54.jpg  

Charles Chaplin / Homer Peyton ; Strauss - Peyton

©Homer Peyton*

Cir 216 midsquare

Circus / cir_216.jpg  

Charles Chaplin in the middle of the circus ring

©Roy Export SAS

City lights shooting opening scene midsquare

City Lights / City_Lights_Shoot...  

Opening scene : Charlie on statue

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Cl 181 midsquare

City Lights / cl_181.jpg  

Blind Girl's home exterior : Charlie and the Blind Girl

©Roy Export SAS

City lights 29 academy print midsquare

City Lights / City_Lights_29_ac...  

River embankment : the Tramp standing alone

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Gold rush 511 midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_511.jpg  

New Year's Eve set : Charlie alone at the entrance of Dance Hall

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Gold rush 29 midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_29.jpg  

Charles Chaplin and Mack Swain hugging in costumes

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Circus 563 midsquare

Circus / Circus_563.jpg  

Charlie and the Girl watching Rex on tightrope

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