Keystone the masquerader midsquare

Keystones / keystone_the_masq...  

The Masquerader

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X150 midsquare

Well Known People / x150.jpg  

Charles Chaplin and Winston Churchill

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Music x206 midsquare

Music / music_x206.jpg  

Charles Chaplin rehearsing with the Abe Lyman Orchestra, 1925

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Karno 0005 midsquare

Karno / karno_0005.jpg  

The Lancashire Lads

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Karno 0050 midsquare

Karno / karno_0050.jpg  

Charles Chaplin poses in front of a poster advertising Fred Karno's "A Night in an English Music ...

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Karno 0070 midsquare

Karno / karno_0070.jpg  

The Fred Karno Comany on the Cairnrona ship heading to the USA : Albert Austin, Albert Williams, ...

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Hannah cc160 midsquare

Hannah / hannah_cc160.jpg  

Hannah Chaplin

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Modern times 310 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_310.jpg  

Chaplin on street set in front of pawn shop

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Modern times 118 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_118.jpg  

Chaplin on the set

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Mt p 178 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_p_178.jpg  

Gamin by harbour set eating a banana

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Mt p 317 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_p_317.jpg  

Charlie and Gamin, various location / Max Munn Autrey

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Modern times 71 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_71.jpg  

Dream House

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Mt 0344 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_0344.jpg  

Charlie in the machine's cogs

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Limelight 15 midsquare

Limelight / Limelight_15.jpg  

Charlie Chaplin, clown with violin

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City lights 216 midsquare

City Lights / City_Lights_216.jpg  

Charlie and the Millionaire enter cafe

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Cl 0450 midsquare

City Lights / cl_0450.jpg  

Charles Chaplin behind the camera

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Kid 15 midsquare

The Kid / kid_15.jpg  

Jackie and tough kid fighting

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Sunnyside cc and nymphes midsquare

Sunnyside / Sunnyside_CC_and_...  

Country road : Charlie, in delirium, sees visions of girls dancing on bridge

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Gd p 42 midsquare

Great Dictator / gd_p_42.jpg  

Barber shop interior : the Jewish barber cutting Jaeckel's hair

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Gd p 162 midsquare

Great Dictator / gd_p_162.jpg  

Globe scene : Hynkel's office : Hynkel with globe

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Gd 0111 midsquare

Great Dictator / gd_0111.jpg  

Charles Chaplin posing as Hynkel

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Gold rush 27 midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_27.jpg  

Interior Cabin : Charlie, Big Jim and Black Larsen with rifle

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Gold rush 702 academy print midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_702_Aca...  

Hank's cabin interior : New Year's Eve

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Gold rush 645 midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_645.jpg  

New Year's Eve sequence : Charlie by window outside Dance Hall

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Gold rush 68 midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_68.jpg  

Cabin Interior : Big Jim threatens Charlie with knife

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Gold rush 294 midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_294.jpg  

Mountain set : Chaplin shooting on location

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Gold rush 795 midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_795.jpg  

Mining town : exterior by Elizaroff Photos

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Gr 633 midsquare

Gold Rush / gr_633.jpg  

Chaplin in street clothes on New Year's Eve set

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C4 gr still07 00 midsquare

Gold Rush / c4_gr_still07_00.jpg  

C4 Gr Still07 00

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Little tramp p 501 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / Little_Tramp_P_50...  

Charlie's moustache, shoes, crane and hat

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Cc 216 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / CC_216.jpg  

Tramp costume

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Mutual 0109 midsquare

Mutual photos / mutual_0109.jpg  

The vagabond recruited to police force

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Circus 244 midsquare

Circus / Circus_244.jpg  

Charlie joking with hot dog baby

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Circus 703 midsquare

Circus / Circus_703.jpg  

Charlie sits down on box and starts to walk away

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