Limelight 49 midsquare

Limelight / Limelight_49.jpg  

Calvero as the Animal Trainer

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Limelight 481 midsquare

Limelight / Limelight_481.jpg  

Calvero and Terry in dressing room

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City lights 106 midsquare

City Lights / City_Lights_106.jpg  

Flower set : Charlie and Blind Girl

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City lights 251 midsquare

City Lights / City_Lights_251.jpg  

Blind Girl's home exterior : the Blind Girl appears in the window

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The kid 165 midsquare

The Kid / The_Kid_165.jpg  

Orphanage Asylum wagon : Charlie and Jackie

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Kid 20 midsquare

The Kid / kid_20.jpg  

Jackie Coogan with star badge pin

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Sunnyside cc and nymphes arms in the air midsquare

Sunnyside / Sunnyside_CC_and_...  

Country road : Charlie, in delirium, sees visions of girls dancing on bridge

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Hynkel portrait midsquare

Great Dictator / Hynkel_portrait.jpg  

Charles Chaplin dressed as Hynkel

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Gd p 146 midsquare

Great Dictator / gd_p_146.jpg  

Hynkel's speech

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Gd pub 177 midsquare

Great Dictator / gd_pub_177.jpg  

Charles Chaplin with musicians during rehersals

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Gold rush 26 midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_26.jpg  

Interior Cabin : Charlie, Big Jim and Black Larsen with rifle

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Chaplin before his success midsquare

Chaplin portraits / Chaplin_before_hi...  

Charles Chaplin / Sussman Photo Studio

©Sussman Photo Studio

Chaplin and family at cinema switzerland midsquare

Chaplin portraits / Chaplin_and_famil...  

Chaplin And Family At Cinema Rex, Vevey, Switzerland

©Yves Debraine

Chaplin portrait i midsquare

Chaplin portraits / Chaplin_portrait_...  

Charles Chaplin / Sussman Photo Studio

©Sussman Photo Studio

Cc middle age midsquare

Chaplin portraits / CC_middle_age.jpg  

Charles Chaplin sitting

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Cc 218 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / cc_218.jpg  

Tramp costume

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Cc 0023bis midsquare

Chaplin portraits / cc_0023bis.jpg  

Charles Chaplin with checkered bow tie

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Idle class 14 midsquare

Idle Class / Idle_Class_14.jpg  

The policeman wakes up the Tramp sleeping on a park bench

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Dog s life 62 midsquare

Dog's Life / Dog_s_Life_62.jpg  

dog s life 62

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Mutual 0130 midsquare

Mutual photos / mutual_0130.jpg  

The tramp on the deck of the ship with the emigrant and her mother

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The circus 18 midsquare

Circus / The_Circus_18.jpg  

Tight rope sequence

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Circus 48 midsquare

Circus / Circus_48.jpg  

Tight rope sequence with monkeys - close up

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Circus 265 midsquare

Circus / Circus_265.jpg  

The Tryout : Charlie laughing and Ringmaster

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Circus 360 midsquare

Circus / Circus_360.jpg  

Charlie in lion's cage with Charles Gay, owner of the lion

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Music 0004 midsquare

Music / music_0004.jpg  

Charles Chaplin plays the cello on "The Gold Rush" set

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Modern times 331 shooting midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_331_...  

modern times 331 shooting

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Modern times pub 119 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_PUB_...  

Chaplin on the set

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Modern times 168 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_168.jpg  

Department store : Gamin putting on skates / Max Munn Autrey

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Modern times 193 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_193.jpg  

Charlie and Gamin meet outside jail / Max Munn Autrey

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Af1 113 midsquare

A king in New York / af1_113.jpg  

King Shahdov dances in the bathroom / Unknown

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City lights last scene midsquare

City Lights / City_Lights_Last_...  

city lights last scene

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The kid scene 23 midsquare

The Kid / The_Kid_scene_23.jpg  

the kid scene 23

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Cc kid 41 neg midsquare

The Kid / CC_kid_41_NEG.jpg  

Jackie Coogan and Charlie Chaplin sitting at a table with a stack of pancakes

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Sunnyside 14 midsquare

Sunnyside / Sunnyside_14.jpg  

sunnyside 14

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Gold rush 229 midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_229.jpg  

Mountain set : Chaplin shooting on location

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Mv p 20 midsquare

Monsieur Verdoux / mv_p_20.jpg  

Thelma's villa : Postman comes with letter

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