X103 midsquare

Well Known People / x103.jpg  

Charles Chaplin and Lita Grey sign the contract for "The Gold Rush"

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X278 midsquare

Well Known People / x278.jpg  

Charles Chaplin, Mr. and Mrs. Einstein

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Karno 0067 midsquare

Karno / karno_0067.jpg  

Alfred e Amy Reeves, Muriel Palmer e Charles Chaplin sul ponte di una nave accarezzano un cucciol...

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Mt p 304 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_p_304.jpg  

Gamin writing on Charlie's cuffs / Max Munn Autrey

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Mt 84 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_84.jpg  

Charlie and Gamin outside House with policeman

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Mt pub 121 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_pub_121.jpg  

Paulette Goddard and Charlie Chaplin on the set

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Modern times p 151 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_p_15...  

Charlie and Mechanic on top of machinery / Max Munn Autrey

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Limelight pub 209 midsquare

Limelight / Limelight_Pub_209...  

Terry and Calvero in Calvero's living room

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City lights 31 midsquare

City Lights / City_Lights_31.jpg  

River embankment : the Tramp, the Millionaire and the Policeman

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City lights 164 midsquare

City Lights / City_Lights_164.jpg  

Millionaire's living room : the party

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City lights 22 midsquare

City Lights / City_Lights_22.jpg  

Flower set : Charlie and Blind Girl

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The kid 38 midsquare

The Kid / The_Kid_38.jpg  

the kid 38

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The kid 10 midsquare

The Kid / The_Kid_10.jpg  

In the streets : Charlie tries to put baby where he found it, Policeman sees him

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Cc kid 9 neg midsquare

The Kid / CC_kid_9_NEG.jpg  

CC kid 9 NEG

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Sunnyside 3 midsquare

Sunnyside / Sunnyside_3.jpg  

Charles Chaplin, Tom Wilson and Albert Austin sitting on the barber's chair

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Gd p 50 midsquare

Great Dictator / gd_p_50.jpg  

Barber shop interior : Hannah on the barber chair. Barber doing her hair

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Gd pub 105 midsquare

Great Dictator / gd_pub_105.jpg  

Charles Chaplin on the set with raised arms

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Gd pub 174 midsquare

Great Dictator / gd_pub_174.jpg  

Charles Chaplin with Meredith Willson, July 19th 1940

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Gold rush 518 midsquare

Gold Rush / Gold_Rush_518.jpg  

Dance Hall interior : Charlie and Georgia on dance floor

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Gr 244 midsquare

Gold Rush / gr_244.jpg  

Chaplin on Chicken sequence set

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Gr 488 midsquare

Gold Rush / gr_488.jpg  

Cabin set on stage

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Cc 188 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / cc_188.jpg  

Charles Chaplin as the Tramp eating ice cream

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Chaplin portrait f midsquare

Chaplin portraits / Chaplin_Portrait_...  

Charles Chaplin / Underwood & Underwood Studios

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Cc 183 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / CC_183.jpg  

Charles Chaplin rehearsing the bread rolls dance

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Cc in south of france 122 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / cc_in_south_of_fr...  

Chaplin and family in the south of France with Paul-Louis Weiller

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Cc 76 midsquare

Chaplin portraits / cc_76.jpg  

Charles Chaplin as Napoleon Bonaparte

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Cc cc 113 neg midsquare

Chaplin portraits / CC_cc_113_NEG.jpg  

CC cc 113 NEG

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Cc cc 98 neg midsquare

Chaplin portraits / CC_cc_98_NEG.jpg  

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Mutual 0050 midsquare

Mutual photos / mutual_0050.jpg  

Charles Chaplin as the fireman

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The immigrant restaurant scene chaplin and edna purviance midsquare

Mutual photos / The_Immigrant_Res...  

The two immigrants at the restaurant / West Side Photographic Company

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Mutual 0056 midsquare

Mutual photos / mutual_0056.jpg  

The taylor's apprentice dancing with Miss Moneybags

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Mutual 0051 midsquare

Mutual photos / mutual_0051.jpg  

The taylor and the taylor's apprentice in Miss Moneybags' house

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Mutual 0112 midsquare

Mutual photos / mutual_0112.jpg  

The pawnbroker's assistant cleaning the lighting fixture

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Mutual 0120 midsquare

Mutual photos / mutual_0120.jpg  

Charles Chaplin in a skating pose

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Circus 546 midsquare

Circus / Circus_546.jpg  

Charlie listens to the Girl and fortune teller and looks crestfallen

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Circus 354 midsquare

Circus / Circus_354.jpg  

Charlie in lion's cage

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