Cir 0336 midsquare

Circus / cir_0336.jpg  

Charlie eating baby's hot dog

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How to make movies chaplin and edna purviance midsquare

Misc / how_to_make_movie...  

how to make movies chaplin and edna purviance

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Misc 0015 midsquare

Misc / misc_0015.jpg  

Kennington Road

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Misc 0229 midsquare

Misc / misc_0229.jpg  

Oona Chaplin with a Steve Eliot hat

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Keystones dough   dynamite posters midsquare

Keystones / keystones_dough__...  

Advertising posters for "Dough & Dynamite" ouside the cinema

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X0007 midsquare

Well Known People / x0007.jpg  

Charles Chaplin, Lita Grey and Charles Chaplin Jr.


X1 midsquare

Well Known People / x1.jpg  

The founders of United Artists Corporation : Charles Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, D...

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Trav 0320 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0320.jpg  

Charles Chaplin and Japanese girls in kimono

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Music x303 midsquare

Music / music_x303.jpg  

Charlie conducts Abe Lyman Orchestra at Chaplin Studios, circa 1924

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Casey s circus chaplin as dr bodie midsquare

Karno / Casey_s_Circus_Ch...  

Casey's Circus ... of Dr. Walford Bodie bloodless surgery

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Karno 0009 midsquare

Karno / karno_0009.jpg  

The Casey's Circus company, 1906. Chaplin (in bowler hat) at Will Murray's left and Herbert Kirk'...

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Karno 0018 midsquare

Karno / karno_0018.jpg  

Charles Chaplin as Sammy in "Jim, A Romance of Cockayne"

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Hannah cc174 midsquare

Hannah / hannah_cc174.jpg  

Hannah and Charles Chaplin

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Modern times 132 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_132.jpg  

Charlie and Mechanic by machinery

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Modern times 41 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_41.jpg  

Charlie with prison cellmate / Max Munn Autrey

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Modern times 139 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_139.jpg  

Mechanic caught in the machinery

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Modern times p 262 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_p_26...  

Chaplin behind the camera directing the actors

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Modern times pub 93 midsquare

Modern Times / Modern_Times_pub_...  

Chaplin on the set

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Mt 0338 midsquare

Modern Times / mt_0338.jpg  

Charlie in the machine's cogs

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Lime 25 3 1 midsquare

Limelight / lime_25_3_1.jpg  

Calvero and Keaton Routine

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City 73 midsquare

City Lights / City_73.jpg  

Charlie trying to get stick out of grating : Window dresser in shop window

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Cl 146 midsquare

City Lights / cl_146.jpg  

Boxing ring : Charlie and new fighter fight

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Cl 12 midsquare

City Lights / cl_12.jpg  

Flower set : Charlie and the Blind Girl

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Cl 34 midsquare

City Lights / cl_34.jpg  

River Embankment : Charlie smells a flower

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The kid little tramp in street midsquare

The Kid / The_Kid_Little_Tr...  

Charlie out for a stroll

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The kid policeman s wife midsquare

The Kid / The_Kid_Policeman...  

Mending window, Charlie gets familiar with lady

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The kid number 3 midsquare

The Kid / The_Kid_number_3.jpg  

Lady brings Charlie up to buggy

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The kid midsquare

The Kid / the_kid.jpg  

the kid

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Kid 157 midsquare

The Kid / kid_157.jpg  

Charles Chaplin and others on a roof

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Kid 33bis midsquare

The Kid / kid_33bis.jpg  

Dreamland : Charlie flying

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Kid 0043 midsquare

The Kid / kid_0043.jpg  

Charlie's attic interior : Charlie and Jackie eating pancakes

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Kid 151 midsquare

The Kid / kid_151.jpg  

Charlie's house interior : Doctor at the table, asks Charlie question

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Cc kid z0059 neg midsquare

The Kid / CC_kid_Z0059_NEG.jpg  

CC kid Z0059 NEG

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Adp 0006 midsquare

A Day's Pleasure / adp_0006.jpg  

On deck : husband with his wife take Charlie's place on seat

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Sunnyside 17 midsquare

Sunnyside / Sunnyside_17.jpg  

Charlie Chaplin follows cows down country road, back view

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Pd 19 midsquare

Pay Day / pd_19.jpg  

The foreman's daughter

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