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Pt 232 midsquare

Travelling / pt_232.jpg  

Singapore swimming club ; Seiryokan Fishing Pond, Singapore

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0016 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0016.jpg  

Nikolas Sistovaris, Charles, Oona and Josephine Chaplin at the railway station in Milan / Photogr...

©Aldo Cavaliere

Trav 23 midsquare

Travelling / trav_23.jpg  

Trip to Japan : Charles Chaplin and Paulette Goddard at dinner with a geisha girl

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0222 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0222.jpg  

Charles Chaplin sunbathing on the beach of Juan Les Pins

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0146 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0146.jpg  

Charles and Oona Chaplin walking and holding hands

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0252 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0252.jpg  

Charles Chaplin and other guests at the Juan-les-Pins Casino / Mosesco


Pt 219bis midsquare

Travelling / pt_219bis.jpg  

Singapore : on a rickshaw

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Pt 676 midsquare

Travelling / pt_676.jpg  

Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard and other on the "SS President Coolidge" ; Charles Chaplin and ...

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Pt 634 midsquare

Travelling / pt_634.jpg  

Java ; Ruins of Borabodur sic, ma Borobodur

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0171 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0171.jpg  

Mr. Charles Chaplin with Mr. A. C. Ballard and Rev. T. Wilkinson Riddle during his visit to the B...

©Western Morning News Co., Ltd

Trav 0192 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0192.jpg  

Charles Chaplin and Horace Rumbold walk up the stairs of the Metropol Theatre in Berlin / Verlag ...

©Verlag Scherl

Trav 0392 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0392.jpg  

Charles Chaplin attending "Don Juan" performed by Jean Debucourt at the Comedie française / Jean-...

©Paris Match

Trav 0487 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0487.jpg  

Paulette Goddard taking skiing lessons / Egon G. Merz

©Egon G. Merz

Trav 0460 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0460.jpg  

Charles Chaplin posing with a crew member on the deck of a ship

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0534 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0534.jpg  

Capt Ahlin : ping pong : on the "SS President Coolidge"

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0428 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0428.jpg  

Charles Chaplin greets the crowd assembled at night with candles outside the Nobel hotel in Oslo

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0108 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0108.jpg  

Charles and Oona Chaplin joking and sitting outdoors / Roger Wood Studio

©Roger Wood Studio

Trav 0214 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0214.jpg  

Chaplin in Wien : ein Polizeiauto vollbesetz mit Kriminalbeamten fährt zur Franz-Josefs_Bahn / Ph...


Pt 669 midsquare

Travelling / pt_669.jpg  

Actor Mei Lan Fhan ; Chinese junior league tea

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0017 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0017.jpg  

Charles Chaplin enters the Piccola Scala in Milan for a screening of "Modern Times" / Photographs...

©Aldo Cavaliere

Trav 0177 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0177.jpg  

Crowd waiting for Charles Chaplin on the street / Pressephotograph B. A. Balassa ; Gerhard Friedl...

©Gerhard Friedländer

Trav 0544 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0544.jpg  

Enroute to Indo China : aboard the "Aramis" ; Saigon ; Hanoi ; Cambodia ; Tourane ; Annam ; Moeys...

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Pt 124 midsquare

Travelling / pt_124.jpg  

California : Lake Arrowhead, Yosemite

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0125 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0125.jpg  

Michael Chaplin during his stay in London / Daily Express photograph

©Daily Express Photograph

Pt 207 midsquare

Travelling / pt_207.jpg  

Angkor : Vat Hidden city of a lost civilisation in the heart of the jungle ; Angkor Thom : Resort...

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Pt 673 midsquare

Travelling / pt_673.jpg  

Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard and other on the "SS President Coolidge" ; Charles Chaplin and ...

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Pt 128 midsquare

Travelling / pt_128.jpg  

Paulette Goddard and her mother on the Panacea

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0443 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0443.jpg  

Portrait of a woman with hat leaning against a garden wall

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0437 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0437.jpg  

Charles Chaplin at the Erasmus award ceremony / Hein Vroege

©Hein Vroege

Trav 0061 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0061.jpg  

Charles Chaplin and Renato Rascel at the Rome airport / Copyright Riccardi & Rosi

©Riccardi & Rosi

Pt 675 midsquare

Travelling / pt_675.jpg  

Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard and other on the "SS President Coolidge" ; Charles Chaplin and ...

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0405 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0405.jpg  

Arriveé de "Charlot" et sa femme : Hotel Crillon ; Gare de Lyon / Le Parisien Libéré

©Le Parisien Libéré

Pt 220 midsquare

Travelling / pt_220.jpg  

Singapore : on a rickshaw

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0035 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0035.jpg  

Charles Chaplin shaking hands with a man next to Oona Chaplin ouside the Sala della Balla at Cast...

©Aldo Cavaliere

Trav 0323 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0323.jpg  

Charles and Sydney Chaplin talking to a tall man with dark hair on the deck of a ship

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0379 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0379.jpg  

Charles Chaplin having dinner with Paul Louis Weiller / Paris Match

©Paris Match