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Trav 0294 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0294.jpg  

Charles Chaplin, Sydney Chaplin and Kono on board of the "Suwa Maru" / Fotografia Carbone e Danno

©Carbone E Danno

Trav 0134 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0134.jpg  

The Chaplin family at the end of the ceremony in which Charles Chaplin was knighted by Queen Elis...

©Press Association Ltd

Trav 0287 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0287.jpg  

A Naples a l'Hotel Excelsior. Charlie Chaplin avec les journalistes italiens. A coté de lui Mr. B...

©Carbone E Danno

Trav 0205 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0205.jpg  

Carow's Lachbühne / Pressphotograph B. A. Balassa

©Pressphotograph B. A. Balassa

Trav 0302 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0302.jpg  

Charles Chaplin, Kono and Sydney Chaplin, Il Cairo / Photo Massraff


Trav 0278 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0278.jpg  

Charles Chaplin at the window of the Crillon Hotel in Paris

©From the archives of Roy Export Co. Ltd.

Trav 0313 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0313.jpg  

Charles and Sydney Chaplin, Kono, the passengers and crew of the Suwamaru ship

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0351 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0351.jpg  

Arthur Rubinstein 20 5 1973

©From the archives of Roy Export Co. Ltd.

Trav 0176 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0176.jpg  

Crowd waiting for Charles Chaplin on the street / Pressephotograph B. A. Balassa ; Gerhard Friedl...

©Gerhard Friedländer

Trav 0157 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0157.jpg  

Charlie Chaplin, acknowledging the cheers of the crowd from the carriage / Sport & General

©Sport & General

Trav 0163 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0163.jpg  

"For he's a jolly good fellow". The toast proposed by Mr. Winston Churchill to Mr. Charlie Chapli...


Cc 213b midsquare

Travelling / cc_213b.jpg  

Home : Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard and King Vidor by the pool

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0398 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0398.jpg  

Charles Chaplin with Jean Renoir at the Comedie française / Jean-Pierre Pedrazzini ; Paris Match

©Paris Match

Trav 0212 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0212.jpg  

Charles Chaplin surrounded by crowd in Vienna / Lothar Rübelt

©Lothar Rübelt

Trav 0324 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0324.jpg  

Charles and Sydney Chaplin talking to a tall man with dark hair on the deck of a ship

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0306 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0306.jpg  

Varna, Bulgaria : scalinata di accesso alla spiaggia, la spiaggia, il mare

©From the archives of Roy Export Co. Ltd.

Pt 162 midsquare

Travelling / pt_162.jpg  

Japan ; Tempura dinner

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0291 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0291.jpg  

Charles Chaplin, Sydney Chaplin and Boris Evelinoff surrounded by crowd outside their hotel in Na...

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0172 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0172.jpg  

Charles Chaplin in Berlin : Chaplin wird von der begeisterten Menge auf die ... gehoben, bei sein...

©Wide World Photos

Trav 0193 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0193.jpg  

Charles Chaplin and Horace Rumbold walk up the stairs of the Metropol Theatre in Berlin / Verlag ...

©Verlag Scherl

Pt 621 midsquare

Travelling / pt_621.jpg  

Backgammon games on the Panacea ; Alistair Cooke on the Panacea ; Paulette Goddard ; Side of the ...

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0003 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0003.jpg  

Charles Chaplin incontra i clowns del circo Knie alla presenza del fratello Sydney e dei figli Mi...

©Actualités Suisse Lausanne

Trav 0328 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0328.jpg  

Charles and Sydney Chaplin walk on the pier with a group of people

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0297 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0297.jpg  

Charles Chaplin, Sydney Chaplin and Kono on board of the "Suwa Maru" / Fotografia Carbone e Danno

©Carbone E Danno

Trav 0457 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0457.jpg  

Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance and Robert Wagner posing with flower garlands

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0358 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0358.jpg  

Charles and Oona Chaplin arrive at Paris airport / Keystone


Cc 001 midsquare

Travelling / cc_001.jpg  

Off to Java ; Java

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0067 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0067.jpg  

Charles Chaplin gets off the plane at the Rome airport / Copyright Riccardi & Rosi

©Riccardi & Rosi

Pt 129 midsquare

Travelling / pt_129.jpg  

Charles Chaplin sitting in an armchair in the garden

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0557bis midsquare

Travelling / trav_0557bis.jpg  

Charles and Sydney Chaplin attending a tea party / K. Nanasawa Photostudio

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Cc 6 midsquare

Travelling / cc_6.jpg  


©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Berlin 1921 pola negri group midsquare

Travelling / berlin_1921_pola_...  

berlin 1921 pola negri group

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Berlin  unknown place  deutscher photo dienst midsquare

Travelling / berlin__unknown_p...  

berlin unknown place deutscher photo dienst

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Cc reading mail hotel adlon march 1931  deutscher photo dienst midsquare

Travelling / cc_reading_mail_h...  

cc reading mail hotel adlon march 1931 deutscher photo dienst

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Hotel adlon press conference march 1931 photo b a balassa midsquare

Travelling / hotel_adlon_press...  

hotel adlon Berlin press conference march 1931 photo b a balassa

©Roy Export Company Ltd.

Trav 0409 midsquare

Travelling / trav_0409.jpg  

Charles Chaplin sitting at a table with a man for the first public screening of "King in New York...

©Roy Export Company Ltd.